Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Charity Never Faileth...Until Now

You love what you sacrifice for. That is why parents love their children, why soldiers love their country, why most of us love God, why many dedicated teachers love their students. They have sacrificed for them.
If the supporters of big government have their way, what will become of charity? People will no longer use their free agency to serve others and their country willingly and voluntarily, because it will be mandated by the government. When the government takes the opportunity for voluntary sacrifice away from people by dictating what and how they have to give, no charity or love or devotion will be developed. There is no nobility, no honor, in doing what you're forced to do. Anything mandated or done under coercion has no power to change the hearts of people for the better. Paying my taxes so I won't go to jail doesn't sanctify me.
There is a reason why giving, why being charitable, feels so good. Because helping and serving others, using our own free agency, affirms to our souls that we have done something in harmony or agreement with our very natures as children of the same Heavenly Father. And why, on the other hand, being forced, by a government, to give our substance to whatever that entity chooses, feels so wrong and unjust. Because it robs us not only of our income, but of the opportunity to exercise our freedom to share it as we wish--to be charitable. It robs us of our opportunity to do something noble and good and replaces it with a mandate to do something required. It is all about free agency and who grants us that agency. God would have us use our freedom to help others, and we feel happy as a result. Our government, more and more, dictates what we give and to what causes, and we feel resentful as a result. It does not foster love of country. It does not foster a reliance on each other. It does not foster nobility or greatness. It breeds mistrust, resentment, and reliance on government instead of on God and each other. If those in our government enslave us to large federal programs, we will become a nation full of people doing their "patriotic duty" without any sense of patriotism, parting with their substance without any sense of giving, taking up weapons of war without any sense of defending--doing things that would be noble, right, and good, if only they had not been made amoral by becoming acts of compliance rather than conviction.


  1. Liberals cannot have a nation full of patriots with conviction--where would their voting base be then?

  2. How true. I often make the mistake of talking as if these people actually want what's best for our country. Oops.